Mentoring is important to every business, and the need for mentoring has grown even stronger due to increased remote working.

BYG’s MentorMatch platform enables you to connect colleagues within your organisation and build powerful mentoring relationships

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Mentoring is a critical component of talent development


BYG is a name you can trust. We’ve been creating innovative software solutions for countless global organisations across a contrasting range of industries for over 30 years. As an industry leader, we have the knowledge and expertise required to deliver an effective, quality product, every time.

If you choose BYG to equip your organisation with its own MentorMatch platform, we’ll work in close partnership with you to ensure it meets the mentoring needs of your workforce.


Mentors upload details of their expertise to the Mentor Match platform. Mentees can then begin their search to find their ideal mentor using simple but powerful search tools and filters.


To understand the value you get from Mentor Match, just listen to the system. It captures a range of powerful data insights including user satisfaction and mentoring outcomes.


Learn from your data. Depending on what it tells you, you can adjust the platform settings and your mentoring training standards to meet your organisation’s needs.

Maximise Existing Talent

Make more of what you already have!

Tap into your organisation's existing experience to develop future generations.

Create lasting partnerships that might otherwise be lost.

Find The Perfect Match

Allow mentors and mentees to find their perfect counterparts easily.

Search, filter and refine from a host of skills and expertise to create the ideal match.

Boost Your Skills

Dive into a wealth of resources in our Mentor Toolkit.

Discover expert advice and learn how to create higher value partnerships that last. 

Evaluate The Value

Enjoy powerful insights into the success of your mentorship program.

View successful matches, gauge feedback and report on a variety of outcomes.

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Mentor Match is tested and ready to deploy.

Fully responsive on every device and easy to integrate with Teams, you can begin your mentoring journey without delay.

Don't Go It Alone

Take advantage of ongoing support and a range of customisation options.

We offer a tailored service and years of expertise to help make your mentoring journey a continued success. 

Mentor Match is made for the age of remote working. Online and autonomous, it allows mentor/mentee relationships to flourish wherever they are.

Add high value at low cost by tapping into your existing resources – your staff!​

Share skills and experience throughout your organisation via a single program.

Easy to follow from sign up to search, Mentor Match speeds up the mentor pairing process for faster results.​

Mentor Match is fully responsive and integrates easily with Teams so you can deploy it directly into your staff's workflow.

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There's no time like the present. Mentor Match will revolutionise your mentorship program, putting a wealth of experience and value at your fingertips. Book a free demo today.